About Tryce de Melo Photography: Fotógrafo de casamento em Porto, Portugal

about me

Get to know me better, not only the wedding photographer, but just Tryce, the person behind the camera. So... Hey, guys :) I'm Tryce and I come from a small city in the northeast of Brazil, Natal, well known for the sunny weather, the amazing beaches and for being the best place to spend your holidays (trust me, that place is absolutely incredible). However after my whole life living in Natal, I decided to move to Dublin two years ago to realize my dream of living and photographing in Europe. I knew I needed to photograph and see the world with my own eyes.

I do love listening to music, watching loads of movies and series and I need to admit, I'm really travel addicted. Get to know new places really make me feel alive. Hum... And spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend and partner in crime, Mateus (haha), and with my beloved friends.

When I was a child, I was fascinated by photography in general, but just as a hobby. To be honest, during my adolescence, I studied for 3 years to become a doctor. Poor Tryce. haha After that, I realized I was going in the wrong path and discovered the purpose of my life in capturing moments and taking timeless photographs in a documentary style. I do love my job and I can't imagine myself doing anything else in the world. I've been working as a photographer for over 10 years, but 6 years ago I had the opportinity to photograph my first wedding and I just fell in love with that. All the love and good atmosphere involved in every single moment caught my heart. Being a wedding photographer means a lot to me. Being responsible for making the people's most important moments eternal keeps me inspired to gain everything that leads me forward. I always accept every challenge of moving and travelling to a different place and culture to photograph what they really are. And I'm really glad for being able to travel to do what I love the most, photograph weddings, wherever they are. It is truly open-hearted and eager to tell stories that I feel grateful for every shooting invitation. I just need love, simplicity, truth and meaningful moments. Capturing those moments is not only my job, this is my mission. Photography is my life, it means the world for me and it really encourages me to be a better human being.

I also need to tell you about the ELAS, a female portrait project about women's empowerment in a poetic way. This project has a piece of my heart. The "ELAS Project" has as primary need and goal to portray the soul and essence of each photographed woman. These are portraits of the soul. Every woman, while being massacred by our [unfortunately] sexist society, by unattainable beauty standards and by the daily struggle for the conquest of a space that should be her by right, ends up becoming vulnerable at times. But that's just what she is not. That we are not. As women, surviving this burden, we are invincible. And it is this search for the invincible and for the strength of each of us that we seek together by thinking of each photoshoot in an individualized way. We extract, together, all the poetry that exists on each woman.

I hope you enjoy my work and we could get to know each other. It'd be more than a pleasure to me eternalize all the best moments of your life.