Hi there, I'm Tryce!

A passionate wedding photographer based in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. I have a deep passion for traveling, animals, nature, music, and cinema. One of the best experiences of my life was scuba diving with my beloved husband and best friend, Mateus. With a love for vibrant and colorful imagery, I specialize in capturing the essence of your special day through candid moments that tell your unique story. While I cherish the spontaneity of candid shots, I also recognize the significance of posed family photos, ensuring every cherished moment is beautifully preserved.

My journey in photography has been inspired by my love for storytelling and capturing the essence of life's fleeting moments. As a wedding photographer, I'm dedicated to preserving the raw emotions and genuine connections shared on your big day. Born in the late '80s, I have always had a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the power of music and cinema to evoke emotion. These passions infuse my work, allowing me to create images that resonate deeply with each couple's unique love story.

In every photo session, my goal is to create timeless memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Whether it's the spontaneous laughter shared between newlyweds or the tender embrace of family members, I strive to capture the authenticity and beauty of each moment. Together, let's embark on a journey to create a visual narrative that reflects the depth and richness of your love story.

As a wedding photographer based in Porto, I'm down-to-earth and enjoy engaging in spontaneous conversations about life, travel and art. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things: good laughs as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.

Woman posing in winter attire in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Bride being photographed by a woman in a beatiful restaurant
Woman posing at the Canal du Midi during autumn in France
Woman sitting at a rock on a mountain in front of the sea
Woman sitting on a balcony in the Arrábida bridge in front of her.
Couple in wedding attire, with the groom fixing the bride's hair
Couple posing on a road in front of a mountain