Couple lying on the ground in an autumnal environment
Couple sharing a hug and laughing on the beach
Woman laughing while being carried on a man's back in a park
Man admiring his wife while she plays guitar at home
Silhouette of a couple facing each other on a backdrop of trees under a cloudy sky
Couple sharing a hug and laughter in an autumnal forest
Couple walking on the street in Dublin, Ireland
Couple sharing a hug in a park with the backdrop of Killiney Beach
Close-up of a couple's eyes, with the man's eyes closed
Couple lying on the ground, while woman has a leaf covering one of her eyes
Couple walking on a green field
Couple having fun in a gazebo
Couple dancing along a tree-lined path
Couple's legs running to the Glendalough lake in Ireland
Couple lying on the grass