From huge vibrant parties to intimate and candlelit wedding ceremonies, love manifests itself in coutless beautiful ways - through a warm hug, a tender kiss, a meaningful gaze or a playful wink. All I ask my clients as their dedicated wedding photographer is to trust me with their cherished memories and to embrace every moment of their special day, while I capture every single moment of it.

Couple in the wedding ceremony having fun in a church in front of the priest
Bride in wedding day in the bouquet toss moment
Couple in wedding attire. The flying veil's is on the first plan covering the bride and groom
All the wedding guests looking to the camera while standing on a beautiful grass
Couple in their wedding ceremony facing each other at the church with all the congregation behind them.
Groom and groomsmen sitting side-by-side wearing colorful socks
Couple in wedding attire kissing under a tree
Couple's hands during the unity sand ceremony at their wedding
Bride's dress hanging on a white bench in a garden
Bride and groom, dressed in wedding attire, holding hands from a downward perspective
Bride in her wedding dress holding her bouquet facing a white window
Girl in the wedding reception smiling for the camera
Couple sharing their first kiss during the wedding ceremony
Bride, in the foreground, playfully pulling the groom by the arm during the wedding photoshoot
Groom and groomsmen playfully mimicking the bouquet toss in a garden
Bride smiling while holding her wedding bouquet

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

Judy Garland